How to Choose the Right Insulation for Your Home

A warm home is a comfortable home. But for older houses, keeping the entire place warm is a tricky business. Older homes rarely have insulation installed in it. And if ever there is one, it may have deteriorated or settled over time. Without proper insulation, the heat escapes and the cold air creeps in.

If your home needs insulation, there’s no need to worry. There a lot of energy-saving and cost-effective thermal insulating options in the market these days. It all boils down to choosing the most appropriate one for your house. The right one, of course, will depend on several factors. To help you arrive with that, here are some questions that you can answer:

1. Do you have previous insulation installed?

The first step to determining what insulation you need is checking if there’s a previous one installed in your home. You may likely know the answer if you check the attic. Go up there and look for exposed batts of colored fiberglass or loose filling between ceiling joists. You should also check the exterior walls for patched holes. If you see all these, then your home has blown-in insulation. You may consider retrofitting and installing that type of insulation on the rest of your home. Find more info on Freeslotscentral 10 free spins no deposit

2. Where do you need insulation most?

If your house is old, then warm air may be leaking out from different areas. Find out where these areas are. If you have chimneys and fireplaces, make sure that there are dampers in place. Check the entire area of your house for cracks around the windows, electrical outlets, ducts, and recessed lighting. You should also check the roof because that’s the primary source of heat loss. Hot air tends to rise and escape through the roof, especially if it is not properly insulated.

3. Can the existing insulation still be used?

There are different types of insulation used over time. Some old houses may still have asbestos or urea-formaldehyde installed in them. If this is the case, they have to be removed entirely because they are considered health risks. If that’s not possible, you may talk to experts to explore other ways of mitigating the effects of asbestos.

4. What insulation can you use?

The most common types of building insulation materials used today are fills, batts, rigid boards, and expanding sprays. If you’re doing a major renovation in your home, then batts and rigid boards are great options. They can be used to install insulation in unfinished spaces like attics. Otherwise, you may use loose fills. This type of insulation can reach places that can’t be covered by other types of insulation.

5. How much insulation do you need?

To determine the right kind and amount of insulation you need for your home, it is best that you consult with the experts. Ask them for a quote and they’ll perform a thorough check of your home. They should be able to give you a good assessment of what you need and how much the project will be.

If you want to get the best possible results, then look for the experts in insulation New Haven CT. They should provide you with high-quality services at the most reasonable rates. Set up a consultation with them today.

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